Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the homeowner need to provide plans?
A: Eyer Custom Patio Covers will furnish plans or will work from homeowner plans.

Q: What permits are required?
A: Eyer Custom Patio Covers will be responsible for obtaining all permits.

Q: Who will handle homeowner association approvals?
A: Eyer Custom Patio Covers will work with your homeowner associations to obtain any needed approvals.

Q: Do you work with other companies?
A: Yes, we have close working relations with a number of local pool companies, landscapers, etc.

Q: What materials do you use?
A: All materials will meet or exceed all applicable building codes.

Q: Will the appearance of our addition complement our home?
A: Eyer Custom Patio Covers takes great pride in building custom patio covers that appear to have been built as part of the original home construction.

Q: Do you guarantee your work?
A: Yes! We provide a 2 year warranty on materials and workmanship. Our craftsmen take great pride in our product and warranty claims are rare.

Q: Who provides jobsite supervision?
A: Eyer Custom Patio Covers will have one of our experienced supervisors onsite at all times when our subcontractors are working on your project.

Eyer Custom Patio Covers